Adjectives of Marya

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Adjectives of Marya In Theft, a chapter from Joyce Carol Oates' novel Marya: A Life, the main character Marya displays many characteristics throughout the writing. From being abandoned as a child to getting to experience the full on college experience, it was interesting how Marya could lose the difference between reality and theft. She seemed to believe that an object that she touched became hers and had no previous owner. She felt that she deserved it. This fact led to a whirlwind of emotions throughout her life and ultimately, three major ways to describe Marya. Marya blames dependency for her unhappiness. Early in Marya's life she decided that dependence on other people and involvement in relationships resulted in her limited freedom. Somehow her parents, whom she depended on and trusted, disappeared from her life. Because of their "betrayal," she was sent to live in her relative's home where she was powerless, had few possessions since the family was very poor, and had limited freedom. Here she was unhappily a foreign member of a family group, and had no individual freedom to do what she pleased. "She could stay up all night if she wished, she could skip breakfast if she wished, she could fall into bed after her morning classes and sleep a heavy drugged sleep for much of the afternoon; and no one knew or cared" (Oates 142). This demonstrates that she became dependent on her new life style and valued it to the fullest. In college she is able to live as a separate entity, able to control more parts of her life, but she still holds onto the belief, from her childhood experiences, that dependency will kill her individuality. "She had had to submit to the routine schedule of Wilma's household: going to bed when she wasn't sleepy, getting up when the others did, eating meals with them, living her life as if it were nothing more than an extension of theirs "
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