Unit 6 Assignment -Leadership Essay

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Course: MT400_Business Process Management Instructor: Prof. Michael Schmidt Unit 6 Assignment (Leadership) Name: Bridget Okpobia Date: 12/13/2012 In the heart of Manhattan is the New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYP). As the American Largest not-for-profit and non sectarian hospital, NYP provides state of the art inpatient, ambulatory and preventive care in all areas of medicine. NYP has five major centers which includes The Allen Hospital, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York, New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Westchester Division. In applying BMP in NYP Hospital, leadership is very essential. Over the years different leadership models have been on the spotlight. These include transformative Leadership, Ethical leadership, Covenantal leadership, Level 5 leadership, Servant leadership, Principle-centered leadership and Charismatic Leadership. Ciulla et al (2005) defines transformative leadership as an ethically based leadership model which integrates a commitment to values and outcomes by optimizing the interest of stakeholders while honoring the moral duties owned by the organization to its stakeholders. Caldwell et al (2012) proposes a form of transformative leadership which identifies well recognized features of transformational leadership, charismatic leadership, level 5 leadership, principle-centered leadership, servant leadership and covenantal leadership. They focused on the ethical foundations of each perspective. Transformative leadership requires a personal transformation of self and the ability to reframe how one views the world (Quinn, 1996). Transformative leaders create integrated organizations systems that add value, enhances life and benefit society. Charismatic Leadership creates a leader-follower

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