Authentic Leadership Essay

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Authentic leadership is a form of leadership that does not have a solid definition. This form of leadership is newly being researched, but the main focus is on how true or genuine the leader is. Because this leadership style is still in the formative stages of development, the description of this style is likely to change with more research in the upcoming years (Northouse, 2013). There are two main approaches when it comes to this form of leadership. These approaches include Robert Terry’s Authentic Leadership approach and Bill Georges Leadership Approach (Northouse, 2013). Both of these leadership styles have two different attitudes. Robert Terry’s theory claims that authentic leadership is more practice oriented, and Bill George’s theory focuses on the fact that the leader already has these qualities (Northouse, 2013). Robert Terry describes this leadership style as a style that should be practiced. Terry created a formula that a leader would use in order to meet the goal of becoming an authentic leader (Northouse, 2013). This style is said to be action based and includes not only the leader, but also the leadership team or even the organization depending on the situation (Northouse, 2013). Terry claims the two questions in a situation that requires a leader are: “What is really happening?” and “What are we going to do about it,” (Northouse, 2013). A true authentic leader would answer these questions correctly while staying true to themselves and their followers. Terry developed an Authentic Action Wheel to help leaders correctly answers. To use the Authentic Action Wheel you locate the problem on the outside of the wheel, and use the response that is connected to that type of problem. This wheel was designed to show leaders the best type of approach to take when solving problems (Northouse, 2013). Bill George’s approach is similar but different. George’s
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