Unit 5006 Essay

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Within this document I will be outlining the importance of conducting a management project.When considering/embarking on any project it is important to understand what is required to ensure it achieves -----------`s objectives with targets. This will include carrying out a thorough evaluation with comprehensive research to gauge its impact. First we must be able to identify and justify the management project. I have recently been made aware of a potential management project within our Personal Care department to deliver a home Chiropodist/Podiatrist & Toe Nail Cutting Service. -----------`s Personal Care department has 58 care workers who have daily contact with clients delivering personal care services. These care workers are receiving requests from clients for this particular service as it is currently not offered / available within the Barking & Dagenham Borough. We have been advised by a Chiropodist/Podiatrist working in the Borough that a quick and responsive referral service is needed for those vulnerable clients who are unable to leave their homes. It has been suggested that due to the delay in these clients having access to this service, problems with nails turning and causing discomfort have been reported by the Chiropodist/Podiatrist. Combining these reports with the current client base of the ----------- and our ongoing services within other departments, it has been decided for the ----------- to further evaluate the viability of this potential project.The aim of this evaluation project is to determine whether this potential service will fit within -----------`s Personal Care department and its operational management activities and -----------`s goals in provide additional personalised services within the community. In identifying the fundamentals of a business case to support a project we must first consider if the project is aligned with
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