Unit 4222-387 Understand the Impact of Acquired Brain Injury

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Unit 4222-387 Understand the Impact of Acquired Brain Injury 1.1 An acquired brain injury is damage that has been caused to the brain and this can be caused from either by an outside of the brain event or an internal event of the brain. A TBI or ABI, both are a brain injury and the effects are similar but there are key difference in treatment. Acquired brain injury is a sudden change to the brain which was not a birth defect and can happen to an individual at any point of their life. The effects it has on the individual can vary, as well as which part(s) of the brain has been affected can vary. 1.2-1.3 There are 2 types of causes for an acquired brain injury and these will result from either an internal of external event happening. Externally is commonly known as a traumatic brain injury which could then lead onto an acquired brain injury. A brain injury cause from a TBI is caused initially by outside force but includes the complications which can follow such as damage caused by lack of oxygen, rising pressure, and swelling in the brain. A TBI will have the initial injury, which will then result in an ABI which can be a bleeding, bruising, or swelling in the brain, clots, etc..... The possible causes of a TBI are: * Road Traffic Collisions - Falls & Slips * Domestic Accidents - Assault & Violence * Work Accidents - Sports Accidents Internally is commonly known as an acquired brain injury which has resulted from a medical issue arising thus causing an acquired brain injury (ABI) And these are normally issues that are direct to the brain and are the initial injury to the brain. The possible causes of an ABI are: * Stroke - Brain Tumour * Encephalitis - Hydrocephalus * Haemorrhage - Aneurysm * Hypoxic & Anoxic - Abscess Here are some examples of how some of these ABI’s can occur: * If an
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