Unit 4 P2,P3 Essay

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In this assignment criterion I will be explaining the potential effects of 6 different life factors of an individual. The potential effects of the 6 different life factors I’ve chosen to speak about genetic, environmental and the lifestyle factors. In this assignment I will be writing a clear explanation of the influence of two predictable and two unpredictable life evens on the development of a celebrity I have chosen to be Kim Kardashian. Regarding Kim Kardashian I will be discussing her diet, her early career and many more. I will be presenting this as a fact file. The first factor I have chosen is Genetic. Genetic comes under the factor of Inheritance, each cell in every body contains 23 pairs of chromosomes and the chromosomes contains the genes you inherit from your parents - Eye colour, hair colour and skin colour. Whether the child ends up with some sort of medial condition this will have several factors such as what genes they inherit or their environment including any treatment they receive. Genetic mutations happen when DNA changes, this can result in an inherited disorder or change in character. Throughout the body there is a molecule which is referred to DNA; DNA can be transferred to another body with sexual intercourse with your partner or through your relatives and family. DNA can be tested and researched from a single strand of hair or saliva. Researches can have an unconstructive outcome to hereditary even mental health professionals have become conscious of the significance of genetic factors. A person or family members who suffer from mental disorders through change of DNA can easily hurt even if something has been commented on or stated towards. An environmental factor is known for several things which are the most common such as language, religion, diet, culture and lifestyle. The social-emotional problems of children 5 years of age and

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