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BIO 137 CASE STUDY#1 ANSWER SHEET Name Brookelyn Lail Section: J009 “Dangerously Thin: A Case Study on the Genetic Code” 1. Why would someone with this type of mutation be at a much higher risk for overdosing on a prescribed drug? The mutation causes the body to break down the medication faster than the body can handle resulting in overuse of the drug and easy overdose. 2. The underlying problem in this case resides in Henry’s “genes.” From what you know about the function of a gene, explain how this problem led to a malfunction in one of Henry’s proteins (the CYP2C9 enzyme). Genes carry information for the all proteins through gene expression. Transcription occurs first, this is where the information stored in a gene’s DNA is transmitted to RNA in the cell nucleus. Messenger RNA then carries this information from the DNA out of the nucleus into the cytoplasm. There the messenger RNA communicates with a ribosome. These sequences contain three bases that codes for a particular amino acid. Transfer RNA begins to builds the protein. 3. The DNA changes that are described in Henry’s story are changes to the coding strands of the CYP2C9 genes. What is the function of the coding strand and how does it differ from the function of the template strand of Henry’s CYP2C9 gene? The function of a coding strand is the strand that is going to be transcribed. The function of a template strand is the complementary strand from the coding strand. The template strand is what is used as a template in the synthesis of mRNA. 4. Consider the following DNA sequence found on a different portion the coding strand of Henry’s CYP2C9 gene: TTACCGAGA a. What would be the sequence of the template strand on this portion of the gene? AATGGCTCT b. How many triplet codes does this DNA sequence contain? 3 c. What would be the sequence of

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