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New Treatment for Lupus Lupus is a potentially fatal disease where the immune system attacks the body's own healthy tissues and organs. It usually affects females between the ages of fifteen and forty-four. It causes arthritis, kidney damage, chest pain, hair loss, fatigue, butterfly shaped rash across the face. It can affect the joints, can cause light sensitivity, and cause problems with the skin, lungs, heart, and the brain. The damage the it causes to the organs can be fatal. Around 1.5 million Americans suffer from this disease. This disease also varies widely in it severity. Some people have such a mild form of it, they don't even know that they have it while other can control the flare ups from lupus with over the counter medicines…show more content…
This drug is considered to offer a modest benefit to taking it, since the number of people that it works on is on the low side. But that this is still an improvement over just receiving the standard treatment for some(Thoms).There seem to be a corrolation between the drug and it being ineffective on black women. There wasn't enough research to confirm this however. They are doing some post-approval study to get more results on this. Black women also have a three time high instance of getting lupus than white women. People with mild to more severe case of lupus may potentially benefit from this drug. It isn't going to make it go away or cure it, but the hope is that it will help bring the flare ups of the disease for these patients more under control so that these patients can not rely so heavily on the steroids they are required to take to help them. Patients who have to use the steroids over a long period of time because the disease is almost always continuously active are at great risk to suffer from severe side effects from the steroid…show more content…
It was only noted to help 30% of people that take the drug. But if it helps even just 10%, without any horrible side effects then I believe that those 10% should be allowed to take the the drug if it is going to help them. A breakthrough drug that is going to help a large amount of people or are going to cure a disease are few and far between. Just to find a drug that is going to help a smaller number of people is a small miracle and should be treated as such. I am sure that the people that it does help do see it as a wonder drug because it is helping them. Relief from some the symptoms of such a disease should be considered a miracle because before this drug that wasn't even an

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