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Unit 4222-223 Support individuals to meet personal care needs Outcome one: Be able to work with individuals to identify their needs and preferences in relation to personal care. 1. Encourage an individual to communicate their needs, preferences and personal beliefs affecting their personal care The caring environment involves many different people from various backgrounds this can be through cultural and religious beliefs. This could be that an individual would prefer a bath to a shower. There is also the factor that there may be a communication barrier and unable to communicate to their carer. In these cases speaking to their family, friend or previous carer may be helpful. As a carer it is important to respect the individual and their preferences due to religion or cultural beliefs – for example an individual may not want a female care worker assisting them with personal care needs and may ask for a male to assist them. 2. Establish the level and type of support and individual needs for personal care The amount of help that people need for personal care and differ from person to person. As a carer we must promote the persons independence so that they can actively participate in their care and feel that they have some control over their lives. For example if the person is unable to turn the taps on the basin, filling the sink for them is a small change that can help the person manage the rest of the task unaided. As a carer we must remember never to take over a task from the individual to get done quickly. We need to encourage and make the individual independent in these tasks that they can still do for themselves. We have to respect the individual and never make them do a task that they are not comfortable with, we have to help and encourage the individual and that we will be there to support them. 3. Agree with the individual how privacy will be

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