Unit 21 Communicate with and Complete Records for Individuals Essay

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Answers to questions in S/NVQ Level 2 Health & Social Care Easy Steps Unit 21 Communicate with and complete records for individuals In the workplace: Jake likes to joke (page 7) 1 No, there will be many occasions when an individual does not want to laugh and joke, especially if they feel sad or angry. Jake should respond in a way that recognises the way they are feeling at that time. Jake might have to be more serious in formal meetings or when talking to individuals about serious matters. Jake should be polite and professional when speaking to his manager. 2 3 In the workplace: Facial expression (page 8) 1 ‘Yes’ – nodding head; ‘No’ – shaking head; ‘I don’t know’ – shoulders up, raised eye brows; ‘I’m happy’ – smiling; ‘I’m sad’ – corners of mouth down; ‘I’m confused’ – wrinkled forehead and nose; ‘I’m angry’ – gritted teeth, squinted eyes. Students’ own answers. 2 In the workplace: Is she just shy? (page 11) Asia is communicating that she is not happy to be examined by the male doctor. Asia may not want to be examined by him because it may be against her culture and beliefs to be touched by a man who is not her husband. In the workplace: Stephanie’s new job (page 13) 1 Stephanie can find out how service users communicate by reading their care plans, talking to colleagues, observing the individuals, and by talking to them, or their family and friends. In the workplace: Sharing information (page 19) 1 The service users would have to repeat themselves again to another member of staff to give them the information they need. In the meantime the staff would find it difficult to meet the needs of the service users. Have a go: Positioning yourself correctly (page 22) The care worker is at the same level as the service user, and he is making eye contact. He is in the correct position for communication. Watch out for where you position yourself

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