Unit 203 Work in a Business Environment

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1.1 What is meant by Diversity? Diversity stands for difference. Diversity shows us that even when people have things in common with each other, they are still different and unique in many ways. We all have to notice and value these differences. Diversity is a visible and non-visible thing. These could include personal characteristics that are also protected under discrimination legislation. By recognising each and everyone’s individual needs we are able to have a positive and productive working environment in which everybody will feel valued. Within my workplace we have to be aware of everybody’s Individual needs not just the staffs but also the Students that we teach and look after. As every child have their own needs. Not every child will be the same and we have to notice what each and every child needs help with and support them. All members of staff also have different characteristics. So Diversity is very important and we have to make sure that everyone is treated with value. Why it should be valued Diversity should be valued because nobody is completed the same as everybody else. By respecting and valuing the Diversity this can help growth within that person and also within the workplace as they will learn from each other and will be able to be their selves. Within the workplace we make sure that all the students and staff are treated equally. Everyone will have something to offer to the workplace and have strong/skills that they will be able to contribute to the School. This will make the workplace friendlier and welcome to work in. Everybody deserve to be treated equally but also have the right to be noticed by their own individual needs. 1.2 Describe how to treat other people in a way that is sensitive to their needs: Within the workplace to be able to treat people in a way that is sensitive to their needs, we would have to find out what

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