Mexican Immigration Issue Analysis

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Historical framework of the Issue The issue of Hispanic immigration was started in the year of 1942 when the government of the United States of America and Mexico came into an agreement which is known as “Mexican Farm Labor Supply Program”. The reason behind starting this program was lost of American manpower during the World War II. This program was also called as “bracer (day laborer program)”. Due to this, large number of Mexicans was brought to the America. The labor force was staying in US only and sending money to their families. The government of Mexico and labors were interested to continue this program because the labor was sending money to their families and economy of the Mexico was improving. But in the 1964, the program lost…show more content…
This population includes those children also who are born in US only and have citizenship. It is a very serious and difficult issue for the US government and very tough to solve. The United States is a “melting pot”, where people from around the world come to live in America and then fully assimilate themselves (Schaefer, 2011). Relevance of Media In today’s era, the role of media has become indispensable for us. It is not only “the mirror” which displays the image of the society but also helps us in shaping our lives. The role of media is very influential in the case of immigration also. The issue of Hispanic immigration has become historical but due to media, it is still current issue in the country. By various modes like serials, news, debate etc. media is trying to portray this issue. Media can portray the issue in both the manner i.e. negative and positive. It purely depends upon media how it portrays it. Message by the…show more content…
In order to promote multicultural-working environment at workplace, I would like to plan and implement following strategies in my organization: • Formation of teams: Employees will be divided into teams, in which both the people- American and immigrants will be there. Will allot them works in team, by which they will communicate and interact with each other more and more which will result in cordial relationship between them. • Incentives: I will like to adopt team-based incentives plan so that the people working in a team can coordinate with each other and also boost up for the better performance of the team. • Equality: Equality refers to impartial behavior of the employer, appropriate wage rates and equal opportunity. Equal treatment will be provided to all the people irrespective of the caste, race, religion etc. so that healthy working environment can be built in the organization. In addition to this we can also conduct different management activities, pot-lunch, Outing etc. so that the employees can mingle with each other and Racism can be

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