Unit 201 (F/601/2467) - Manage Own Performance in a Business Environment

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Unit 201 (F/601/2467) - Manage own performance in a business environment Learning Outcome 1 Amongst CNWL-MK there are a vast amount of important policies with guidelines, procedures and codes of practice relating to how I perform my job safely and effectively as they provide me with the information and knowledge to do so. These include health and safety, making us aware of how to deal with situations such as an injury and how to prevent them occurring in the future. Also fire safety procedures, so in the event of a fire we are prepared knowing what to do and where to go ensuring exits are kept clear at all times. Data protection is extremely important as an Administration Assistant because I work with a great deal of sensitive and personal information, therefore I must keep my computer password protected and locked when away from my desk as well as put away any paperwork and the smart card provided to access the RiO database, in a secure place where only I can access them. Following these guidelines, procedures and codes of practice allow everyone to be treated equally and help prevent or solve any issues that arise in the work place. Planning and priority of my work is fundamental as without a plan I would not have a clear idea of what needs to be done, affecting my time management and causing disturbance to others who are depending on my work. With a plan such as a ‘to do list’ I am able to work effectively and efficiently knowing approximately what I am doing to guarantee anything of high importance can be processed immediately. As a result, if I am asked to take on more work I can check my plan and give a realistic answer. Agreeing to realistic targets and being honest with the amount of work I am able to handle allows me to manage my work flow accordingly ensuring targets are realistic to achieve. Firstly I find out when the work is due and to decide

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