Unit 2 Narratives Assignment

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Unit 2 Narratives Assignment Myths and stories are found in every society, culture and religion. The collective unconscious goes back to the beginning of time. There are Gods, simple fables, and all sorts of tales. Almost always these tales are there to teach a lesson. One of my favorites is the story of The Tortoise and the Hare. This story teaches a lesson that can benefit both the young and old alike. The story of The Tortoise and the Hare is one that quickly came of mind to me as it is a fun fable and has been shared many of times. This is a story of a tortoise and a hare both racing each other. The hare is cocky and egotistical; he thinks he will win the race because he is faster. The tortoise is gentle and kind and believes he will win the race because he is smarter and wittier. They both start the race determined as ever to win, but the hare sees how slow the tortoise is and stops for a bite to eat and a few naps thinking he will surely beat the tortoise as he is so slow. All the while the tortoise keeps moving along, slow and steady. Eventually the finish line comes into view and the hare wakes up. He sees the tortoise reaching closer and closer to the end. The hare tries his hardest to move as fast as he possibly can, but it’s too late. The tortoise wins! All those breaks and naps cost the hare his victory. At the end the tortoise said to the hare, making him think long and hard, “Slow and steady always wins the race.” The moral of this myth is to teach you that if you move at a steady pace and continue to move forward you will succeed. You must also have faith in yourself and believe you will succeed. However, do not be boastful about yourself and your accomplishments. You can very well be proud without being overbearing and rude. Also, this story shows you how to be an archetype in ways. Since so many people will fall for the tortoise and his kind
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