Social Ostracism In The Outsiders

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The Outsiders essay The first major theme that everyone will encounter in their daily lives is "Social Ostracism". Social Ostracism is when there is exclusion from social acceptance. There is social ostracism displayed in the book between the two gangs, Socs and Greasers. They both lived in the same area, though, there was a lot of tension between the two groups. The Socs felt the need to be selfish by trying to take over the Greasers territory and show they were greater by getting into endless fights with the Greasers. In the song, "Part of me" by Katy Perry, she sings about keeping her pride, true identity, and dignity no matter what obstacles came in her way. This relates to who obstacles have came in the way of the Greasers due to the Socs and the endless fights they had created with the Greasers. The song states "This is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me, no" /…show more content…
Such as when the Greasers rustled with the Socs, they took whatever the Socs had to throw at them and came back stronger, winning the rumble over Socs, they did not break the Greasers soul. Another example is even though the Greasers lost Johnny and Dally because of the Socs who had started things off by drowning Ponyboy, the greasers still stayed strong and kept what they had left of them so they could stay gold in a way. All they could do was forget as life goes on, Sodapop announces "'there's nothing we can do now.'" (page 154) and Ponyboy as well insisted "Don't think of them, I thought." (page 156). The Greasers were a gang of strong, brave, caring people who were able to stand up for themselves and keep away from encountering social ostracism caused by the Socs. Not everyone can bond with each other happily which leads to conflict between each other, proclaimed as "Social

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