The Scarlet Ibis - Symbols

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The scarlet ibis symbolizes that despite hard times, you should always push yourself to do better, and keeping trying, even it that means failure in the end. It also symbolizes that we should all be determine if we have a goal, and try and try your best. The main symbol introduced by James Hurst in this story is the actual scarlet ibis. This determined bird represents that you should always try your best, even in the hard times of life, when you are struggling. What James Hurst is trying to get through to us is that the scarlet ibis badly hurts its wing, but despite that, the struggling bird pushes and tries to fly to the best of its ability, struggling, and knowing its hard work will end in failure. Even though the weak bird tries and tries to fly, it results in failure. Like the scarlet ibis, Doodle, one of the main characters in the story, wants to please his older brother, and be capable of doing normal things every other sibling does such as to swim, run, climb trees, and so on. Doodle also tries extremely hard, despite the fact that he was struggling with a weak heart; but he wants to please his older brother, someone he loves. It shows that sometimes, we will do anything if it is for someone we love. Therefore, the symbolic message in “The Scarlet Ibis” is that never give up even in difficult or challenging times. This relates to the theme which is to keep trying even if you know you are going to fail or if you are struggling, because like Doodle, who loves his brother very much, and wants to make him happy with him, tries very, very hard, even though his trying results in failure, and possibly death. In “The Scarlet Ibis,” the symbol is the scarlet ibis. This bird represents determination and never giving up in life, even if that means failure. This relates to the theme at the end as well because the theme is to never give up and always try your best

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