Caged Bird Essay

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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sing is a poem about an African American growing up during slavery. Maya Angelou, the author was talking about growing up in a world full of hatred and racism. Angelou endured a lot of hardship in her life; in this piece she learns the true meaning of faith, hope, and injustice. In this poem Angelou used the caged bird to describe her life. This poem represents different aspects of her life bonded into one. In this poem there are two birds, one trapped in a cage and the other free and able to fly. The trapped bird is an African American male or female, and the free bird is a Caucasian male or female. This poem is portraying the relationship between an African American person and a Caucasian person. Angelou is a describing her feelings of racial discrimination. “The caged bird sings,” shows that no matter what, she always kept faith alive that she would one day become free. The caged bird was trapped, tied up, and wasn’t able to reach freedom. This implicates that the bird was being held back from freedom, because of the color of its skin. The fat worm and breeze symbolizes hope in this poem. “His wings are clipped and his feet are tied so he opens his throat to sing,” is repeated in the poem. This implicates that the bird will persevere and never give up. The caged bird wants nothing more than freedom, but is forced to endure the heartache of feeling imprisoned by being locked in a cage. The bird is willing to endure these feelings because it knows that one day freedom will wait for him. The bird sings tirelessly for freedom, its only desire, its only want, its only hope. It only wishes to do what the free bird is able to do. The caged bird sings to protest the injustice that has been forced upon it. Even though Angelou’s life was filed with hardship and pain she didn’t let that determine who she was. She transformed all of her
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