Unit 2 M4 Business

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M4–Analyse the reasons why costs need to be controlled to budget In this assignment I will analyse the reasons why costs need to be controlled to budge. If costs are not measured by Debenhams then their profits will be badly affected therefore budgeting is one process to regulate costs as it gives the organisation an approximation or a target on what their cost and revenue should be. A business has to budget and control expenditure in order to see what has been received and paid out, otherwise unrestrained spending could occur and decline could happen. One of the difficulties that could occur if costs are not controlled to budget is: high fixed cost per item which decreases businesses profit and ability to compete. Debenhams are very effective at controlling its costs to budget as the results were good for sales revenue throughout 2013. The business has not overspent their budget on materials staying well under the budget set. This business made great profit thanks to its management of the budget. A poor season during the Christmas period was the only reason for losses last year. However problems could quickly occur if the budget is not controlled and monitored effectively. Poor cash flow is extremely likely to bring the outcome in Debenhams not been able to shelter costs which may lead to bankruptcy; in a circumstance where a business has a poor cash flow produced by more outflows than inflows. In a case of poor cash flow due to poor budgeting, the business would have to lease the products and gather unresolved payments in order for the cash flow to recover. I would suggest for Debenhams to make better use of its premises. For example other stores have restaurants or cafes maybe they could add one to theirs to attract more customers and make more money. High cost of goods/products is yet another result of uncontrolled budget; it reduces profit as more money is

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