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Case Study Analysis SKADURZ PRO Case title: _Skadurz Pro________ Student: _Brenda Moore___________ Date: ___February 15, 2014______ Course: Business Management____ Firm Overview and Introduction to the Case Skadurz Pro is a skateboarding, snowboarding, and clothing store located in Sudbury,Ontario. Joel St. Marseille is the owner and founder of Skadurz Pro. He has two retail stores which also carry street wear and foot wear and selling brand name products. This mother, Connie is a full time manager for one of the retail stores. The issues and problems that Joel is facing is that his mother is ready to retire and he needs to decide to operate both stores on his own, hire another manager who would not be a family member, relocate one of his stores’s or sell it. Internal perspectives Joel’s problem is his business if a family operated business and his mother who is a full time manager wants to retire. Joel is not sure if he can handle managing both stores or if he would want to hire someone who would not be a family member. The threat of a larger competitor, West 9 is planning on opening a store which could greatly affect the customers he has now. If he relocates one of the stores he could also lose customers as well. The internal weakness include not wanting to hire outside of his family and the timing if he relocated one of his stores which he could lose current and potential customers due to the opening of West 9. He is not sure of his ability of running two stores either . External perspectives The characteristics of this industry are that with similar companies that are larger it greatly affects smaller companies with the cheaper prices that these companies can offer to customers. The firm’s strategy for differentiation is to be able to provide exceptional customer service by react quickly to competition

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