Unit 16 P3 Essay

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Unit 16 P3 Introduction In P3, I will describe how small businesses prepare to market and sell products or services. I will explain what my business does and research and create a leaflet about your business and explain what I will do to effectively market and sell your products or services. I will explain how I will carry out secondary and primary research, what methods of marketing are available, customer care, meeting customer needs, who my target audience is, creating an USP and competition that the business will have and how it will affect my actions. I will explain why choosing the right media when marketing a business, what steps I will take when preparing to market your business and prepare a questionnaire to show demand for my business idea. I will also make a marketing leaflet that I will deliver to potential customers and design a potential advert to be placed in a magazine, local free paper and shop windows advertising my business 24:7 Hair My business will be a small hairdressing business that is seeking to expand to a more national scale. Overall, my business will offer services such as cuts and styles, colouring and technical services, such as extensions and straightening. The business will be called 24:7 Hair and it will aim to provide the best hairdressing services in the particular area that it serves. My business will create a warm and friendly atmosphere that will encourage my customers to return to the business and recommend the business to their friends and family. 24:7 Hair, my business will also be selling products that will help my customers with their hair problems or products that my employees use on the customers. Research/ Marketing I will get both primary and secondary market research so that I can effectively and accurate judge the feelings of my target audience. I will require primary research, which is research I have gained

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