Unit 4: P1

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UNIT 4 P1 Explain the different types of business information, their sources and purposes. My name is Emmanuel Aboagye and I am currently studying Business Btec National Level 3. This unit basically talks about how businesses interact using different types of information, how they use it and the purpose of them. To: Mr. Blades From: Emmanuel Aboagye Date: 21st September, 2011 Re: Business Communication TESCO In this report, I will be investigating the range of Information used in Tesco and the appropriateness of the information in decision making for the business. Type of information | Example | Description | Purpose | Source | Verbal communication | Telephone, representatives, face-to-face communication. | Face-to-face communication involves two or more people having a conversation together. Using a telephone is a form of technology. Representatives are the people that represent the business to make pitches. | Tesco use their representatives to get their products across.They also use telephones to call other businesses in other countries. With face-to-face communication, there is a less chance for misunderstanding. | Verbal communication is used during meetings, offices, and this may come from the management and staff. | Written communication | Diagrams, graphs and charts, e-mails, letters, memo, progression sheets. | Writing is the use of physical symbols to represent words. | Written communication is used in marketing research as a key variable to determine consumers’ attitudes, values and beliefs regarding a certain product or service. They use progression sheets in order to know what they need to target. | Written communication may come from a wide variety of sources including newspapers, books, trade journals and government publications, memorandum | On-screen communication | TV, mobile phones. | This is a way of communicating using
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