Unit 1 Developing Effective Communication

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P1. Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context. Communication needs at least two people for it to work, it is used to pass on information from one another that will give us information that we need or help us to get what we need. It also helps people feel safe and reassured with in a health and social care environment where you have a ill and upset person that just needs a little support. If your communication is poor and unfriendly then the person would not feel at ease and may even feel scared, vulnerable and does not want any help by you or anyone else. They are May types of different communications and I am going to talk about a few of main ones. You have one – to – one conversation, which are just two people. When you meet someone for the first time you want to let that person know that you are friendly and here to help, so the way you great them is very important. For instance if you met someone for the first time and greeted them with ‘ what do you want?’ this is not warming at all and the person could feel rather offended and would think I really do not want to talk to someone so rude and cannot be bothered. But if you greeted that person with a smile and ‘good day, how can I help you? ; You yourself would rather be greeted like this, you would feel more at ease and the atmosphere would be right. It is all about giving that right impression when you first meet and getting the atmosphere right. Not only do you have to greet in the right way but also end the conversation in the right way. If you leave that person on a good note they are more than likely to come back and see you again and even start opening up to yourself. So when leaving saying something ‘it was nice to see you, take care, bye’ then the person would feel relaxed and knows it is time to leave. Where if you just said ‘you have
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