Bridging The Gap (Warren Troob)

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Class: H61202B Name: Nguyen Vinh Linh ID: 9917506 Bridging the gap In the article” bridging the gap” Warren Troob discusses the problems of intercultural communication. First of all, he claims that people assume foreigners are similar to them. Secondly, he states that in each culture, people have each way to communicate. Troob goes on to point out that because of the differences of culture, things people do can be different. In addition, the author claims that people are guilty of oversimplification when they assess someone by thinking about his or her culture. He also describe the difficulties of having intercultural communication and finally, Troob discusses the mistake of that there is no need to study other culture. Overall, this article is very convincing about the benefit of knowing other culture. However there are some weaknesses in this article. Firstly, the author omits the importance of language. Secondly, the author oversimplifies the solutions of cross-cultural communication. First, the author is guilty of omission; he forgets the importance of learning foreign language. When people communicate with others, without similarity of language, how they can communicate. In addition, language is affected by culture; therefore, learning foreign language can help businessmen understand the culture of partners; and it can lead to successful communication. Finally, the author is guilty of oversimplification when he gives the solutions to learn others’ culture. There are reading books, watching movies or listening music. The reason is that the ancient history of a country cannot be shown by those way, businessmen cannot have enough information about a country and people in here. Something can’t be found by books, movies or music. They only are found by contact with people. In conclusion, the author is
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