Unit 1 Promote Communication

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Unit 1 - Use and develop systems that promote communication 1.2 Explain how to support effective communication within your own job role It is essential that within my role as Deputy Manager of four residential houses is effective and of a professional nature. It is important that I have good understanding of differing skills that others may have and be able to adapt myself accordingly to be able to communicate in different ways. Within my job role I have ongoing communication with other professional organsation’s, family members of our service users, and other outside professionals it is essential that I promote and encourage effective communication to develop positive relationships to which will enable us to share relevant information regarding the service users that I support on a daily basis to meet their ongoing differing needs. It is also important that good communication skills are implemented and monitored throughout the staff teams in each house to provide consistency and continuity. 1.3 Analyse the barriers and challenges to communication within own job role The barriers and challenges of communication within my role could be • a break down of communication (lack of understanding) • lack of message clarity • distractions • Distance – and resources not working effectively. Communication within my role is extremely important this can work as a relationship building skill to perform basic levels of management to effectively lead and manage a team, the general social care code of practice states that communication should be open, accurate, appropriate and conducted in an appropriate way, by communicating this way and leading by example staff members will gain trust and confidence. Barriers could be communications were abbreviations are being used and others do not understand, Slang or Jargon is being used within the environment
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