Unexpected Qualities Essay

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“ Conflict brings out unexpected qualities in people “. Conflict definitely reveals unexpected qualities in individuals. In times of hardship, trauma or even adversity, qualities and characteristics can surface in a person which are completely opposing to their usual disposition. This has clearly been shown from our primitive keen stress response, otherwise known as the fight or flight response. When a situation is perceived as a threat, our bodies instinctively prepare us to either stay and fight or run away. A person can go through most of their life without encountering a conflict large enough to bring out these qualities, so when one does arise, these qualities can be seen to be unexpected, even though the qualities which usually come out of a person are very good in a way, there also some people who bring out bad qualities which can take advantage of certain situations. Weather it is during a natural disaster or during the battlefield when reaction time is the key to everything. In some cases, there are Conflicts that bring out the worst in certain people, for example, as Victorians, we are well informed of the Black Saturday Bushfires, which ravaged country Victoria on the 7th of February 2009. The horrific event left 173 people dead, 500 injured and destroyed over 2,000 homes. As a part of human nature and the “Australian Spirit” in was not unusual to see us volunteering and donating money and goods to those affected by the fires. However what was unexpected was how Jo-Anne Kasch profited from those who were suffering loss of land, property and loved ones. Kasch was running bus tours for around 10ish days in Narbethong, showing passengers the town destroyed by fire. Charging $25 per person and being fully booked with over 160 bookings from just one photography club, Ms Kasch had stated to the Herald Sun, “The tourism aspect is going to be huge”. When,

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