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Crow Lake Journal #2 As Matt is ___, and everything in turns out to be fine, an ___ incident takes place and changes everyone’s life. The narrator of this novel, Kate accidentally finds out that her brother Matt is having an affair with Marie, whose father has killed her brother. By the moment that Kate discovers their relationship, she has already “defined her brother’s live”. She knows that her brother’s bright future will probably be ruined by this relationship, and the upcoming story proves that she was right. Later in the srory, Matt made Marie pregnant. In order to take care of Marie, Matt gives up his opprtunity to go to university and get higher education. Instead, he decides to marry Marie, and becomes a farmer. What happened to matt is similar to the plot of the movie Juno. The main character, Juno, who is still in high school, finds out that she is pregnant, fathered by…show more content…
People encounter different situations in their lives; however, they do have one similarity. No matter what type of situation it is, it is necessary that we know what we are doing and that we make the right choice. In many cases, people tend to have fun at the moment and not consider the consequences, which often cause them to regret after realizing what they have done. This is quite common among people because there is this part in human minds called Id tat tends to seek for pleasure. However, there is also another part called Ego that works contrary to what the Id does. So it is completely up to the individual whether which one defeats the other. If the Id wins, then one will be more likely to regret what he or she has done afterwards; whereas if the Ego wins, then one will be more likely to do the right thing. Thus, we must think carefully and consider all the consequences before we do anything because only we are responsible for our own

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