What Are The Social Issues In A Long Way Gone Essay

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Social structures are very easily liable to break down in times of war and crisis. People are not able to function and do what supposedly needs to be done. Not being familiar to a certain setting or situation can cause everybody to lose sight and possibly produce into the panic stage. Adults play a major role throughout a child’s life. Just as an adult’s responsibility is to raise the children so that they will continue their roles, an adult’s responsibility is also to care for the children in times of war and crisis. “…the strained voices of women cried out…We saw children walking by themselves, shirtless, in their underwear following the crowd. (p. 12)”. In the novel “A Long Way Gone, memoirs of a boy soldier” by Ishmael Beah, tells a significant…show more content…
Even though this maybe hard to realize, in order to be a positive and representable role model, you have to abide and assemble the responsible duties of being an adult. Many people face and become amongst difficult problems and situations. These altercations end up forming into a crisis. It is very easy for social structure to break down during a situation such as war and crisis. People are tempted and forced to do things that they could never imagine or believe themselves doing. Believe it or not, it can change your overall demeanor and personality. In order to relieve stress, people will do crazy things such as disobeying the law, drugs, or killing one another, adults especially. We would not want death to be a solution in any situation. In conclusion, In the novel “A Long way Gone, memoirs of a boy soldier” by Ishmael Beah, told a story about how adults broke down a dramatical time of crisis which commonly related to the way the children represented themselves and their overall social aspect which lied within their hands. Adults fail to realize how important they really are in a child’s life. A lot of the things they do could effect how a child is raised because that is what they are taught. If they are not taught the right things, they could never know what is right or wrong and good or
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