Correcting the Mistakes of Parenting

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August 28, 2012 A Summary of “Correcting the Mistakes of Parenting” The article “Correcting the Mistakes of Parenting” by Ruben Navarrette Jr., discusses today’s current ideology in parenting and how it’s affecting today’s generation. He begins his article by stating the obvious by informing the reader that a child’s love cannot be won by buying everything in plain sight. With the reader’s attention now caught by this sarcastic yet undeniable truth, he continues his article by presenting a survey that was conducted to gather the opinions of both the parents and their children. What really caught his attention was not what the parents had to say, but instead by the fact that the kids themselves stated that they have no intention of ever raising their own kids the same way. The writer then proceeds to discuss how today’s parents who were born during the baby-boomer era, were raised alienated from their parents and feel that is it their civic duty to make that up by trying to be “best-friends” with their children instead of being an authoritative figure like how they intentionally should be. However, many fail to see that this is in fact a recipe for disaster. The article argues that children today, ironically, are asking for the discipline and rules that their parents fail to provide. Navarette draws out his thesis in which he believes that its time for the parents to step up and do their jobs correctly in raising their children. Kids today are being over-protected by their parents and sheltered from the harsh realities of the real world. Instead of dealing with the struggles of parenthood, many have decided to take the easy way out by alleviating their situation through financial means. Parents today are willing to buy their children anything in hopes of obtaining their child’s satisfaction. The writer continues to state that the future generation may not be so

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