Fahrenheit 451 Essay

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Dao Tran Fahrenheit 451 Essay Through a story of a society of people whom have lost in touch with their humanity and become mindless and naïve, Bradbury, the author of “Fahrenheit 451”, predicted our future society to become greatly dependent on technology implications for immediate happiness and empty pleasure. According to the essay written by Mary Pipher, “Beliefs About Family”, Bradbury’s prediction is coming true. Mary Pipher sees the crisis in meaning in the American culture, the same crisis Bradbury predicted: people only committing to their own needs, thus making them believe that happiness can be purchased, not by self-improvement. Pipher believes that the dysfunction version of family is much more influential than the idealized version of family because the dysfunctional version effectively convinces people through the idea that families get in the way of self-fulfillment. What this culture of narcissism does is convince many people to stray or want to stray away from their families, especially children at a young age like teenagers. Not to mention the increasing number of abuse and suffer within families, it is not a surprise that people are starting develop more anger and resentments towards their and other families. This is the main reason as to why Pipher believes that people only desire to fulfill their own immediate needs; it is because of people’s mistrust and hatred towards families that prevents people from feeling respect and empathy. Eventually, when people cannot find happiness within themselves or within other people because they cannot figure out how to properly interact, people lose in touch with their humanity. Once people lose in touch with their humanity, they fail to recognize the feelings that make them humans; they prevent themselves from recognizing their inner humanity. So they start to purchase products that claim

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