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Armour's Strategy to compete against brands like Nike, Reebok and Adidas: By becoming a brand recognized by the NFL and branding cleats for the players, this gave Under Armour instant recognition with fans and players. They were also allowed to have the NFL logo on their product, creating a larger market to promote to. Under Armour made the right decision to enter the market for running shoes and basketball shoes because this is the customer demographic most likely to purchase their product. Both of these sports are extremely active, and Under Armour has built a name for their products for comfort and ease without taking away from your game. I believe they could branch out to tennis in the future, but I think they should stay away from golf. While all of these are sports, golf is more a game of concentration rather than high speed and agility, and that could hurt their brand recognition. The fans of golf and tennis are not as brand loyal as that of basketball or football. Bets are not made in Vegas on the US Open like they are on the Final Four or Super Bowl. Side A Under Armour That is the question.... To Shoes or Not To Shoes? Under Armour became popular by athletes because of its unique moisture-wicking synthetic fibers. The concept of the material was to keep active individuals dry and cool while performing intense activities like exercising or practicing sports. The like of which had never been seen and was innovative causing other sports apparel companies to follow suit. Kevin Plank Creator or Under Armour in 1996 Important Factors Contributing to Growth * The fact that Kevin had a brand new idea helped with word of mouth advertising. He began by selling the product out of the trunk of his car to get it on the market. *His initial marketing plan of product placement in the Blockbuster movie "Any Given Sunday" was genius. *Starting a company from the ground

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