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Executive Summary Nike hired Team B to develop a marketing plan for the launching of a new line of, “light weight” cleats called Nike Shark. The introduction of a new light of cleats will start at the international level. The Brazilians and Nigerians have a strong athletic support base that will give Nike the opportunity to position this new product with a competitive edge because of the chosen locations. Brazil is the headquarters for production of Nike Sharks. The target audience is ages six to 47 years who embrace the world of sports in football, soccer, baseball, and track. Nike Shark’s key innovations are found in its scientific approach to improve the weight, durability, and elasticity of athletic cleats. This aeronautic approach will improve athletic speed and agility. Technologies used to market Nike Sharks are the Internet, radio, and media. Because Nike is a household name for athletic apparel, Nike must brand Nike Sharks aggressively. However, because of cultural differences and technological limitations/advancements, both countries are marketed differently. Brazil has more channels of communication and Nigeria is not as advanced. Nike Shark will use print advertising, television/radio advertising using commercials with major athlete endorsements, Internet , and sales promotions. The regular price for Nike Sharks is $200, with special group rates, and promotional rebates for individual customers. Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to perform a new product launch for the Brazilian company – Nike Sharks. This paper will examine the marketing needs, growth, and competition of Nike Sharks. In addition, this product launch will exhibit a brief SWOT analysis that demonstrates Nike Shark’s strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. Coupled with marketing fundamentals, this product launch will also identify product offering, definition, and

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