Ufc Case Ndustry Analysis

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The extreme sports spectator entertainment industry is one that is hard to define. Extreme sports can involve anything from skateboarding to Ultimate Fighting Championships, and it can involve anything from video games to live entertainment. This case analysis intends to better describe and understand the factors affecting the industry and how attractive or unattractive this industry can be. Political/ legal Political and legal factor affecting this industry are numerous, but they depend on the intensity of the sport and how dangerous the sport can be. Legal regulations for skateboarding may not be as strict as legal regulations for boxing. So first of all the extreme sport must be legal. It must be legal to practice the sport, televise the sport, sponsor the sport, create joint ventures with other companies, and creating video games. Abiding by government regulations and specific rules depending on the sport are also subject to studying trends of injuries in the specific sport. If any specific extreme sport is creating video games they must create patent or trademark rights, and they must do the same if they are selling apparel and gear. Also video games have to be approved and rated depending on the intensity of the violence and how graphic they may be. Political factor can also be many but also depend on the extreme sport. One example I can list Senator John McCain, he was totally against the UFC and wanted to ban it in several states. This deeply affected the sport. So this is a demonstration of how much one factor can affect the industry. Demographics It is estimated that in the United States about 58 million people watch or are engaged in extreme sports. The extreme sports entertainment industry appeals to both men and women whether they are sports fans or not. I can even say I have watched a couple of wrestling matches even though I am not a fan.

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