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English Satire speech Topic- TV shows and how they impact teenagers in this generation. Get home, eat something, do a bit of homework, watch vampire diaries at 7, then gossip girl at 8, have an hour break to study, and jersey shore at 10. This is what a lot of teenagers do after they get home from school. I mean what else do they have to do? Homework? Who does homework these days? These shows are way more important than homework. They teach teenagers so much more. Take Gossip girl, every teenager has his or her drama with friends and boyfriends and girlfriends. This show teaches teenagers how to cope with all of those things and how to stay best friends forever. Even if you’re best friend might have stole your boyfriends or girlfriends a few times, and even if you’re best friend had gotten in jail and went to rehab. After everything that you guys done to each other, you should always, always stay best friends. And even though you and your boyfriend are absolutely in love sometimes its okay to break up with him or her for no reason at all, just because you woke up one day and wanted a change a bit. And then a week later get back together. The secret life of the American teenager is also an amazing show for high school. It teaches teenagers that it is perfectly normal to get pregnant is high school, and to teach them how to take care of the babies, then the shows teen mom and 16 and pregnant are good for that, it teaches teenagers how to take care of the baby and how to finish school at the same time. As you could see its perfectly okay to be 16 and pregnant because we have all of these shows to guide us along the way. And Jersey Shore, This show is rated one of the best shows today. It teaches them so much, by the first episode you see how great this shows is. Firstly learning the phrase “GTL” by those three letters you already learn so much. G
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