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Case 3 – TUI 22.10.2010 Table of content Introduction 3 Step 1: Identifying the main problems 4 1.1. Summary TUI 4 1.2. Problem Statement and Research questions 5 2.1 Internal analysis 6 2. 1. 1 Mind map 6 2.1.2 The strategic clock 7 2.1.3 Stakeholders map 9 2.1.4 Marketing Strategy, 7P’s 10 2.1.5 BCG matrix 11 2.2 External analysis 12 2.2.1 The PESTEL 12 2.2.2 Porter’s Five Forces 15 2.3 SWOT Analysis 17 2.4 Role and function of the corporate parent 18 Step 3: Alternative courses of action 21 3.1. TOWS Matrix 21 3.2. The Ansoff matrix. 21 Step 4: Decision and Reasoning 25 Step 5: Implementation 27 5.1 Managing change 27 5. 2. Funding 28 5. 3. Investment Analysis 29 5. 4. Time Frame 30 Conclusion 32 References 33 Introduction The tourism industry is a rather broad and internationally growing business sector. In order to succeed in the competitive business a well thought through strategy is needed. TUI (Touristik Union International) is the world’s leading leisure tourism firm, and a good example of a successful player in that industry. The company owns more than 200 brands and is operating in 180 countries worldwide. Since TUI is such a large company it owns several functional independently working SBU’s and departments business units with different activities. Based on the analysis of the history and strategic choices in the past and the external environment, the purpose of this report is to set up new strategies for the future. This report starts with a short summary about TUI Travel PLC including the development of the company and the main strategic actions taken in the past. In the next step one of TUI Travel PLC SBU’s, Thomson, will be more closely analyzed by support of appropriate models from the internal and external environment. After gathering all the important facts about Thomson in step 3 suitable alternative courses

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