Dakg Supply Chain Management Case

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DAKG Supply Chain Management in a Service-oriented Company Table of Contents I. Executive Summary 3 II. Situational Analysis 4 III. Major Problem and Supporting Analysis 16 IV. Major Assumptions 20 V. Possible Solutions 21 VI. Choice and Rationale 24 VII. Metrics 25 VIII. Project Plan 26 IX. Conclusion 27 Works Cited: 28 APPENDIX 1 Birou Corporate Strategy Model 29 APPENDIX 2 30 APPENDIX 3 – Financial Information Zurich Insurance Group 31 APPENDIX 4 32 APPENDIX 5 – Porter’s 5-Forces Model 33 APPENDIX 6 – Kraljic Portfolio Analysis Model 34 APPENDIX 7 – Fishbone Diagram 35 APPENDIX 8 – Cost of Problem 36 I. Executive Summary 1. Key Facts: DAKG is the customer service division of Deutsche Allgemeinversicherung (DAV), a large general insurance agency based out of Germany. The parent company for DAKG is Zurich Insurance Group. DAV provides retail insurance to the general public including home, auto – so called Property and Casualty, or P&C – and other retail insurance products like life, travel, and short-term disability. (DA Direkt, 2013). 2. Opportunity and/or Problem: DAKG is having issues with quality when it comes to data entry of policyholder applications. DAKG was developing a new strategy to measure quality using Statistical Process Control (SPC), a technique previously used in manufacturing. Annette Kluck, head of Operations Development, created a tool called Prozessmessung und Verbesserung (PMV) which was implemented at DAKG in two phases. The first phase was the way an application was entered measuring the quality number of process steps and the second was using these measurements to improve quality and performance by establishing control measures that compare variances against upper and lower limits to see if the item fits within the expected, specific, predictable and normal variation levels

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