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Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Project Book The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Chapter 1-The Girl Who Lived The first chapter of this book was very informal in many different ways. It informed us that the working hours were brutal with little or no time for breaks. Rose Rosenfeld, the girl who the chapter is written about, was about to be 18 working at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. She was “…making blouses called shirtwaists from 7am to 8pm, with only 30 minutes for lunch…Rose and the others would not get dinner or receive overtime money” (Nobleman 4). This chapter describes the events occurring on the day in a personal matter. From pages 6 to 7, the book describes the smoke and flames pouring into the building and the sense of panic that took over the factory. Than describes how she was able to be one of the lucky ones who escaped that day. It was said, “As Rose was led down the steps of the other building, she sometimes stopped and cried” (Nobleman 7). This shows the sense of relief as well as terror as she could have been dead or trapped inside of the burning factory. The chapter in a whole gives a good representation of the details that surrounded that day. It describes the events that occurred, as well as some good base background information as per what happened in the factory. I definitely think that this would be categorized as a good source of information. The book as a whole provides much more facts about the fire, as this chapter starts off with a nice base. This source is a good research source as it will be a good place to start out your research and give personal accounts of the day from the eyes of a survivor. Article #1 “Fire poetry on the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire of March 25, 1911 This article is an account of the factory fire that took place on March 25th, 1911. The article revisits the fire and argues

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