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] We started Management 311 on Thursday, October 10th] already formed a group but the teacher told us that we are our group. We meet every Monday at 6:0 computer rooms notified before the meeting; however she did not show up with no communication telling the group that she would not be coming. The team went on the team forum and wrote to her what was discussed in the meeting and what she needs to do. There was a deadline given at Wednesday, October 16th at noon for the assignment to be done so it can be reviewed before turning it in. She agreed to the deadline on the forum. When the deadline came there was no communication nor submitted work team assumed she had not done her part due to the lack of communication. The assignment was turned in without her input. On Thursday, October 17th, the day of class, on the team forum that she completed her work and it needs to be added to the assignment. am sorry but we submitted the assignment already. The deadline was yesterday at noon.” e went ahead and added her part to the assignment which was a presentation and turned it in an hour before class time. At class, it was…show more content…
The team completed the assignment without her but did not submit it. The team deliberated pulling her weight in the group and we went to the team charter to see what we should do. As the team charter states that it is majority rules in a situation like this. We took a from the team. Nothing was responded. Moments later, the team received an e-mail that she wouldn’t be able to make it due to her dog going into labor and receiving a phone call at 6:00 that prevented her from contacting us. she that we as a team have decided that it would be of mutual interest that we go our separate responded with a confrontational voicemail they need to talk face to face. The next day the team received a forum posting from the teaching stating that we need to talk before class on
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