Who Makes a Better Fire Investigator?

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Who makes a better fire investigator? Police or Fire Fighter? It is my opinion that a Fire fighter makes a better fire investigator because of the nature of the work involved. In the department that I work for the fire investigators are also firefighters. These are persons who have had experience on the front line as firefighters. It is a common and universally accepted adage that: “experience makes the best teacher”. With that being said just think for a moment how knowledge of a real working fire can contribute to the development of a seasoned and skilled fire investigator. In my short tenure as a firefighter I have been in several fires already. As a result of that, especially during overhaul at fires, I have acquired so much knowledge of cause and effect relationships of fire as it pertains to fire behavior. Because of the fact that fire fighters work in fires and get a glimpse of fire behavior in real-time I believe that fire fighters make better fire investigators. I also strongly feel that fire fighters make better fire investigators because of the fire academy. In fire academy we are taught very well the behavior of fire, the chemistry and make up of it, and how it behaves in different types of building construction. Even in the article I read it stated regarding fire investigators, that “This technical aspect of the job requires knowledge of building construction and materials and the effects of fire upon those materials. Evidence preservation methods, the effects of fire suppression, fire behavior and burn patterns are also important technical aspects.” All things mentioned in this direct quote from the referenced material are taught throughout fire academy that a fire fighter has to go through and pass in order to become a fire fighter. All of the above reasons stated and explained are why I think that fire

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