United States Learning from Past

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Did the United States learn from past mistakes at the end of World War II? I believe that the United States did learn from past mistakes at the end of World War II because it was the end of isolation for the country. America lead the creation of new world organizations by Roosevelt’s action to move toward a policy of internationalism, and trying to create organizations to prevent future wars. These policies are a clear sign that the United States has learned from it’s past. Additionally, the US was able to help found the World Bank, and help allies like Germany heal their economy. The United States also founded many other groups to help heal after the rough times of the war. The US And most all other countries who had been in the war were now healing and improving their economies, and it was finally a new age and the end of isolation for many people. Another area that reveals that the United States really did learn from their past mistakes is how they treated minorities after World War II. African Americans were finally able to obtain more opportunities. For example, many were able to get a college education, and were able to own a house for the first time. This was a huge step in improving the treatment of minorities in America. Opportunities also sprang up for many American women. Before the war, women were treated awfully, and were not allowed to work or make a living for themselves and their families. After World War II, although many women lost their jobs at the factory, they were able to get other jobs elsewhere. Women were able to movie in to jobs in the booming service sector, where there was a great need for employees. They became teachers, nurses, librarians, bank tellers, and social workers. At these jobs women were able to earn just over half of what men earned. Clearly, overall, the United States did learn from previous mistakes in the past
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