Trends In Uniform Crime Reports

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Trends in the Uniform Crime Reports from 2009-2010 UCR reports have been around for years now and are there to help manage crime rates throughout the nation. They help keep track of what crimes are being committed and document whatever information they can as regarded to race, ethnicity, age, religion, etc. Why is that? Technically there can be many different reasons for this and in the next few paragraphs I will talk about a couple of the trends I looked at and why I think they increased or decreased. While looking at these reports I also noticed that discrimination in race had a tendency to be a contribution to many of the crimes in the reports. I’ll begin by saying based on the data I found on the Site about Violent crimes, the first thing I noticed in one of the tables was the high number of deaths related to Homicide. In this time frame there were a total of 12,996 homicides, of that 10,058 were noted to be male and either white, black or unknown ethnicity, 2,918 female white, black or unknown ethnicity, or 20 were unknown. Why would these numbers be so high I ask myself? The only thing I can think of is that there might have been a lot of gang activity during this particular time frame and in that case that explains why the number of male homicides is much higher. It seems like males are more likely to join into gangs rather than females, although there are some females in gangs as well. Another contribution to the high homicides rates could have to do with drug usage. Depending on whether these people were in gangs or not, they could have been into drugs and if that is the case then their minds could have been under the influence and there could be that one chance that they aren’t all there at the time of committing the crime. There could also be the chance that they were trying to transport drugs in some way and has something go
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