Crime And Deviance

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Task 1-Analysis Gun Crime Statistics for Newham East London I have selected statistics on gun crime in Newham East London from the official Metropolitan Police statistics, as the Borough of Newham has one of the highest recorded gun crime incident hot spots in London from September 2008 to September 2010 From the 12 months leading up to September 2009 there were 127 recorded incidents of guns being used this works out as an average of 10 incidents being reported a month. From 12 months leading up to September 2010 there were 200 recorded incidents of guns being used this works out as an average of 16 incidents being reported a month. In total this works out to be an increase of 57% from the previous year, this is a very significant increase in gun crime and must be addressed as if these statistics were to continue like this over the following years gun crime would be completely out of control. To draw further information from these statistics it would be very helpful to know such things as the size of the population of the Borough of Newham compared to the other Boroughs of London as this would give a better indication of the overall problem of gun crime in this area, also if there has been tensions between ethnic minorities there due to immigration of immigrants and also if the area is socially deprived and has a high unemployment rate and high levels of substance misuse leading to high levels of crime. Another problem could be gang related violence that has led to this increase in violence that would also have an effect on Newham’s neighbouring boroughs. This high increase of recorded gun crime could cause the government to change social policy. Such action could be taken as a change in legislation for tougher sentencing if you are caught in possession of a fire arm and Police undertaking more stop and searches on the public to try and find weapons. More
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