Cultural Diversity In The Criminal Justice System

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Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Paper page one Glenderlyn Henderson Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Paper Final Exam Axia University of Phoenix Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Paper page two During many years and decades, the sentencing roles that played an important part in reducing increased levels of incarceration focused on evidence, offender solutions that include how to help the offender be a repeater of crimes and ways to access diverse programs to alleviate working jobs for those offenders. This paper will provide many approaches to a better sentencing structure of the Justice System. For instance,…show more content…
classes for those who don’t have a high school diploma, social and non social programs for those offenders who have a hard time socializing with the public or society. Surveys were also apart of those programs because the surveys can help offenders learn what is necessary to live with society. The surveys will also send a message to get out to the communities that such programs will Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Paper page three definitely lower crimes within the communities(Karl C. McDonald & George K. Alpine,…show more content…
With a future study of African Americans or Hispanics offenders have dealt with twenty-five year sentences to only 2.4 times the harshness of a ten-year sentence. The second part is the increasing throughout the 90's and beginning of 2000, with the possession charges against felons being prosecuted by the state and local courts. Later on revealed many reasons that gun related cases will continue to increase because sentencing could contribute to lowering crimes that are violent. Also to add with part II there were results that led to hard federal sentencing within violent crimes. Goals were too hash to complete throughout the federal government to provide such programming that would be missing, so in most districts harsh sentencing could be the result of controlling crime (Karl C. McDonald & George K. Alpine,

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