Tommy Boy Essay

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Samantha Noble nNNobleNobleNoble Samantha Noble nNNobleNobleNoble Tommy Boy Released in 1995, was a comedy but it also had good sale techniques and approaches. Tommy Boy is a movie about the world’s most unlikely brake pad salesman. We know that he is not the brightest guy and that it took him seven years to finish his undergraduate degree. He is not the typical salesman you would suspect being clumsy, overweight, and always wearing a clip-on tie. His dad could sell anything, it was an innate trait he had, but Tommy Boy didn’t seem to have the skills. After the death of Tommy Boy`s dad, the family business is in need of some major sales. In desperation, Tommy Boy is sent on the road to make the annual sales trip. Tommy Boy and his road companion Richard Hayden learn a lot of hard lessons before they learn how to successfully convince a client. Here, are five things we can learn from this untraditional sales team. First you need to stand behind your product; this is possible to do by guaranteeing the product. As a salesman, it is impossible to really be effective unless you have a true passion for what you are selling. Tommy Boy has the passion from his father, also because the company has been with his family his whole life. The next thing a good salesperson needs to remember is to always be you. Following that is building trust between you and your customer. Customers do business with people they like, know, and trust. Building trust with them on and off the sales floor is crucial for long term success. In order to be successful in selling you also must think strategically. Tommy Boy does this when he convinces his biggest competitor to purchase his brake pads, this sale saves his company. Lastly, you can’t always win, when you know there’s no way to make the sale sometimes its just better to walk away. In conclusion Tommy Boy may not have been the brightest
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