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To kill a mockingbird - Mayala Ewell sililoquoy What a tiring day it's been, chasing after these darn children. They just won't sit and won't listen to me. Is it too much to ask for a little respect? I suppose it's not their fault. It's mine. I'm just so angry and sad, all these different emotions running through me all day long. I can't handle it no more. It's all my fault, I do admit it. That moment that Tom Robinson stepped out of that court room and being granted guilty for abusing me, is the day that I knew I would never be the same. The day Tom Robinson died in the county jail, something died inside me too. I took an innoncent man from this world and I was the only one to blame. Happiness has left my soul and it's never returning. With him life was a routine; without him life is unbearable. This whole situation is just a big mess up, and at the end of the day It's a white mans word against anything. No matter how many times Atticus proved infront of the judge that the pieces of the puzzle didn't fall into place, Tom Robinson still got thrown into jail because of the…show more content…
I know that. All I wanted my whole life was to make my daddy proud. I thought that maybe if I did what he told me to do and say what he told me to say, I wouldn't have to go through the pain and suffering anymore. I would be his puppet and he would pull my strings. I should of known long before that this whole situation would blow up in my face. If it's one thing I do know is that no good comes from lying, that truth will stare you in the face like your relfection in the mirror. It wasn't just those people in the court room that I had to lie infront of, I lied before god. I had to stand infront of all those people, bold-face lying that Tom Robinson abused me. When I sat back down, shame and guilt came crashing down on me like a tonn of bricks. I would of rather taken my daddys' beatings that look Tom Robinson in the eyes as he was being dragged

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