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The Moral Development of Tom Joad Tom Joad is the main character in “The Grapes of Wrath”. He morally develops from being a selfish person and is in prison for four years to a man who puts behind his own independent, personal needs and make multiple sacrifices for the benefit of his family. Not only does he make sacrifices for his family, but he also aids in linking the poor laborers opposing the rich landowners because the poor laborers can barely afford to eat due to the low wages. As Tom is helping out his community, the love for his family also grows. In the beginning of the movie, Tom was release from prison after four years. He was in prison because he killed a man during a fight. I saw Tom lacking sympathy for killing a man and just believes that he was guarding and protecting himself. If he were to be put in a similar situation for a second time, he would kill the person again. Tom’s mother, Ma Joad, was the strength of his family. I think he was able to support the killing because of the strong morals he learned from his mother. Tom is looking forward to going home. I believe this to be a selfish act because he has needs that must be met. He wants to go home to only receive assurance, security, and love from his family. When Tom reaches his house, he finds that it has been deserted and meets an old neighbor of the Joad’s family, Muley. A deputy comes by looking for trespassers and Tom and Muley are forced to go into hiding. I see Tom loathe that he has to hide on his own father’s property and gets agitated. Tom usually likes to handle problems in a straightforward manner by yelling or beating people up. But, this scene portrays Tom’s new morals and how he must go into hiding. Muley directs Tom to a cave where he can sleep for the night. I see Tom not approving of this idea, he does not want to go into hiding and prefers to be out in

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