Cinderella Man Essay

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Examples of flashback and irony are used in the film to make the plot more effective. (POINT) There are several examples of flashbacks, however, one of the most important examples takes place when Jim is given an opportunity to have a second comeback fight. Towards the later part of the fight, Jim received a heavy punch which knocked his mouth guard off and he was so worn out it seemed as if he would lose. (PROOF) A flashback takes place at this moment in which Jim sees his children’s empty beds because they had to be sent away from home. He also pictures the poor living conditions of his family and their unpaid bills which suggest that there isn’t enough food to eat. (EXPLANATION) This is an effective use of flashback because it shows Jim’s motivations for winning. It gave him the strength and adrenaline he needed to continue to fight because he realized at that moment that winning would be the only way to end his family’s poverty and keep them together (POINT) Another way in which the film us made more dramatic is through the use of irony, using a scene in which Jim’s wife May goes to visit his manager Joe. May is mad because she believes that Joe is wealthy and is using Jim to make more money, at the risk of their family. (PROOF) When she shows up at Joe’s luxury apartment, she thinks he won’t answer his door because he doesn’t want to argue with her. Ironically, when he opens the door it is revealed that Joe and his wife are living in poverty inside their luxury home. (EXPLANATION) This scene makes the film more effective because it shows that Joe believes in Jim’s success, since Joe has sold his own furniture just to pay for Jim to keep on training. This also shows that Joe is unselfish and was willing to risk his own survival during the Great
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