Todays College Students Are Serious Minded When it Comes to Academics

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College students are not serious minded when it comes to academics. They are more serious minded when it comes to co-curricular activities and having fun with their colleagues. But then it is unfair if we say that all of them act irresponsibly, because some of them really worked hard for many years to achieve results with flying colours. Most of the college students, especially the less fortunate ones, are seriously thinking about academics. They want to make their parents proud of them. If they have younger siblings, they can proudly be their idol and show their younger siblings good examples of becoming a useful and responsible person in their family. Furthermore, by being serious minded when it comes to academics can show their appreciation towards their parent’s hard effort to make them a better person. It can be said as a thank-you gift to their parents when they pass their examinations at college with flying colours. On top of that, some of them compete with one another to achieve good results for their examination. This not only show their determination towards learning, but also showing their eagerness when it comes to academics. College students, mainly the less fortunate ones, take academics very seriously. Unlike the college students coming from a wealthy family, the less fortunate college students are born with a determination inside them, that is to change their family’s luck. They are determined to change their life from poverty life to leading a better one. Besides that, they realize their responsibilities they have to carry towards their family, especially to those college students who have a big family. They sincerely wanted to help their parents raising the other siblings. They would study very seriously, in order to obtain great results. And some of them would take part-time jobs, such as being a cashier or a bartender, to earn extra money

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