Too Many People Are Going to College

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When you hear the word college, what comes to your mind? Of course the big parties with the music blasting and bottles of alcohol everywhere, the hangovers, the all-nighters with your books and papers spread out all over the place, the self-motivation it takes to make sure you always to go class, and that tingly feeling of success once you graduate, receive your BA, and make your family proud. To some people different things may have come to mind, it all depends on our own personal views on college. In Charles Murray’s essay, Too Many People Are Going to College, his main point is the fact that “…large numbers of students are in college to buy their admission ticket-the BA.”(pg.66) The BA is not all that it used to be, back then only people from upper class were given the opportunity to achieve their degrees and it really showed that they learned something. Now in days once employers sees a potential employees degree, they aren’t even worried about the skills they learned in college, they just see that that person attended college. Employers do not value what the student learned, just that the student has a degree.”(pg. 67) Students need to consider the level of competition they will be facing once they graduate. Parents feel that if they send their child off to college they will become more mature since they are independent while in college, but Murray thinks college is not the right place for that maturity level to occur. Although college is supposed to be used to help us prepare for our future careers and lives, many people get a lot of different life lessons out of it and in a way that is just as good as receiving their education. We as people do not all function the same way, so college works in different ways for all of us. I have had a chance to witness this on a personal level with two of my cousins. For one of my cousins’ college turned out to be a good

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