To Kill a Mockingbird Bravery Essay

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Bravery in To Kill a Mockingbird In the 1930s, racism against black people was highly populated. In Harper Lee’s autobiographical novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, characters like Miss Maudie, Jem, and Atticus demonstrate bravery. They each show a different type of courage based on the scenario and emotions at the time. Miss Maudie shows optimistic attitude and verbal strength to show her bravery throughout the story. “Miss Maudie’s voice was enough to shut up anybody” (51). She stands up for her beliefs and despises racism unlike many other residents in Maycomb. In other words, Miss Maudie shows independence and differs from most people because she believes in equality. Another of Miss Maudie’s bravery takes place after her house burnt down and she says “Scout don’t worry about me, there are other ways to deal with things” (79). Miss Maudie knows that life will, at some stage, contain suffering but its severity will be amplified if you do not learn to let go. She believes that everything will be okay in the long run and she contains enough courage and integrity to stay strong. Jem tends to demonstrate his bravery through his actions. “Jem runs up to Boo Radley’s door and touches it” (18). Although Jem fears Boo Radley from all the stories he heard about him, bravery takes place when he ran up and touched Boo’s door. Jem’s bravery fulfills a large amount for him to move past his fears, and his actions do so. Another action of Jems takes place. “Jem refuses to leave Atticus and worries that he will get hurt” (194). Jem decides to defend his father and makes sure nothing bad will happen to him. Jem’s bravery provides him to stand up for his father in front of a crowd with guns. Seldom does a child have enough courage to do just that. Atticus demonstrates his courage through determination and commitment, facing society as his purpose. “He avoids the negative
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