Barn Burning Essay

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Writing Assignment – Personal Response Introduction 1 WHAT DOES THE TEXT “BARN BURNING” SUGGEST ABOUT THE INTERPLAY BETWEEN FEAR AND FORESIGHT WHEN INDIVIDUALS MAKE LIFE ALTERING CHOICES? PERSONAL RESPONSE ESSAY #1 I believe that when we are forced to make a life altering choice fear plays a major role factor in our decisions. These choices can affect everything from our family to friends, especially within ourselves. When we are placed in a situation where we know our choice(s) are life altering, we can become fearful of these decisions. This can cause us to lose the ability to do what is best or right for us to do. In the text “Barn Burning” by William Faulkner, Faulkner portrays these fears through a young boy named Sarty. Sarty knows his father’s actions are wrong but is torn between being loyal to family and being loyal to truth and justice. Sarty also is fearful that if he stands up and speaks against his father’s actions that he will be the victim of more physical abuse. He also fears what will happen if his father continues to burn down barns. This prevent Sarty from having the foresight to see what he needs to do in order to be content within himself. Fear is a powerful emotion that we must overcome in order to have the foresight to see what has to be done to live a happy, content life. People have the tendency to want to be loyal to family, but when a family member is doing something “wrong,” great internal conflict and fear can arise. Sarty wants to be loyal to his father but knows that the truth must be told. When Sarty is called to testify against his father for the crime of barn burning, he becomes filled with “frantic grief and despair.” His father expects Sarty to lie on his behalf, and Sarty knows that he will have to in order to please his father which is all Sarty wants to do. Later that night, knowing that Sarty was in conflict and was
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